Anne Alexander Sculptor

Sculpture in Wood, Stone, Ceramic

As an artist, I am concerned with inspiring emotional or kinesthetic responses in the viewer. I also wish to enhance one’s awareness of his/her body,  size, and surrounding space as it relates to the natural world. My work is successful to me, when it causes these reactions in many ages and types of people. Small parts of nature are the source of ideas  and inspiration.  Natural forms are abstracted and enlarged to create works which suggest themes of regeneration, growth, life cycles, and stages of maturation.

Anne Alexander Sculptor

Lori Waxman 60 WRD/MIN Art Critic says:  

“Organic matter can be human or animal, plant or insect, cellular or whole. It ranges in scale from the invisibly small to the monumentally large. Anne Alexander sculpts modestly sized  objects - that despite the absolute and comforting solidity of their wood, stone, and ceramic forms - flow between these categories as if they were mutable and hybridized.   Her work evokes male and female body parts made small as well as cellular configurations made large. The erotics of her work that these descriptions suggest occurs most naturally of all, of course. The surprise of Alexander’s work is how much erotics arises out of non-human matter